Bodybuilding: Do you feel turned on my female muscle?

Question by omgsosick2: Do you feel turned on my female muscle?
My pants always get wet when i look at pictures or videos of muscular female bodybuilders!

Why is it some people can deny that they are turned on, or even call female muscle unnatural, gross, sick?

I think men should be ashamed that so many women are more fit and muscular nowadays than men, especially their calf muscles! They just bulge out and surpass male bodybuilders’ calves.

If you look at Colette Guilmond, you will realize that she is far bigger than most male bodybuilders. Her pecs and arms are HUGE. That is the standard of female bodybuilding today.

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Answer by David Blaine
female bodybuilders make me want hurl myself off the sears tower. dont get me wrong, a woman with toned muscles is pretty sexy but those women take it waaaaay too far

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